Ahmad Hattab

Creativity will only get you so far in the world of website development. Not only do you have to have a good creative vision for a website or online tool, you also have to have the technical expertise to see that dream to fruition. Twistlab regularly combines both creativity with technical expertise, and Ahmad is a big piece of the "technical" puzzle. Ahmad's expertise lies in finding the solutions to technical/development problems. He brings invaluable experience as a PHP developer, a Magento developer, Senior Web Developer, and Technical Team Leader over the past several years. Most recently, Ahmad was the Technical Team Leader for a successful online servicing/retail company and became an expert in retail application development.

Ahmad brings cutting-edge development techniques and integrates them into the websites and web tools we develop. Ahmad Kareh recruited Ahmad Hattab from an incredibly successful retail website where Ahmad was regularly involved with website development, program, integration, and design collaboration. Our customers are regularly impressed with Ahmad's ability to connect with our designers to implement the designs we have created flawlessly within their online media. Twistlab is proud to have Ahmad as part of the team as he has helped us set ourselves apart from other advertising agencies in Utah with his excellent technical knowledge and eye for details.

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